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Why Abuma

Why do our customers choose Abuma?



From state-of-the-art lasers that can be positioned with pinpoint accuracy, and flat sheet scanning inspection systems capable of measuring and digitizing parts within 0.005 of an inch, at Abuma, we continually invest in the technological tools needed to meet your exacting standards. We also have other tools that help streamline the production process, and follow the progress of your order from placement to the finish of production, including automated systems to store and retrieve raw materials, and up-to-the-minute tracking software -- all of which enable us to shorten our turn-around times, and meet your production deadlines.



Abuma’s people are its greatest resource. Using incentives like profit-sharing and a safe and attractive work environment (no dingy, poorly-lit shops here), we work hard to attract and retain the very best people in their respective fields. What’s more, we constantly reinvest in our workforce, by providing them with modern equipment to work with and ongoing training needed to keep pace with an ever-evolving industry. And it’s not just the professionals on our payroll who help make Abuma Manufacturing Limited an industry leader. We have forged partnerships with a portfolio of quality-assessed vendors that complement our in-house capabilities, including highly-specialized engineering firms, and skilled trades. One of Abuma’s greatest assets to you, our customer, is our ability to be your ‘one source’ solution provider.



Three decades in custom and precision metal fabrication have given us the experience necessary to see any potential opportunities to bolster your bottom line without sacrificing quality. If there’s a technical tweak or a process change that could shorten production time or refine your product design, (all within your specifications, of course!) we’ll see it and suggest it. We also have the technical expertise to test your prototypes, and develop them into profitable products.




At Abuma Manufacturing Limited, we are committed to meeting the highest industry standards. To this end, our company has taken the necessary steps to meet and maintain the necessary certifications in each of the industries we serve. In fact, quality is such a crucial part of our operation that we have devoted an entire page of our website to the subject. Read more about our commitment to quality here: <link>



How much your project will cost is a critical factor in deciding who will manufacture your product. But equally important is the question of which manufacturing partner will offer the best value for your manufacturing dollar. Fail to take the latter factor into account, and any short-term savings are quickly eclipsed by other concerns.


To establish a successful long-term supply relationship, cost must be balanced against quality, consistent on-time delivery (which shortens production lead time), and other intangibles, like open communication, shared ideals, a smooth working relationship and a common desire for the other partner’s success. Ignoring these factors at the outset of your project can lead to later problems. By contrast, establishing the relationship on a solid footing right from the start can save the considerable effort and cost involved in changing manufacturers down the road. Partnerships based on value and mutual success prove to be more financially successful, stable and lasting. After all, avoiding the need to go back and correct problems like supply chain issues, inconsistent product availability or variable quality enables company leaders to focus on developing future sales and market share.




Safety is not just the manufacturer’s concern: It is critical for the customer in sustaining the supply chain, and supporting the image and reputation of the product brand. Consider the risks of choosing a manufacturing partner that has an unsafe working environment. Not only does it endanger the workers’ health, the resulting negative public exposure can tarnish the company’s reputation or brand image. Worse yet, workplace injuries can lead to plant investigations and shutdowns that directly interrupt your capability to meet product demand and undermine your company’s sales and profitability.  

Key components of our commitment to safety include:

  • Optimal Plant Operations: Our facility features a large, clean, bright space, equipped with strict environmental controls and ergonomically-designed equipment. 
  • Minimal Material Handling: Our high density storage and delivery systems significantly reduce the risk of worker injury. 
  • Safety Education and Action: We conduct a variety of regular employee safety training programs and monthly plant safety reviews. Following each review, our safety committee meets within the week to review the findings and implement corrective actions.  Additionally, we equip our employees with emergency response training.
  • Adherence to Safety Standards: We comply with all government legislation including W.S.I.B.  and O.H.S.A. regulations.
  • Profit Sharing Incentives: Safety is a key metric in our bonus structure.